Below are selected writings available online.  Click on the links to read.

SEX AND POWER: Defining History, Shaping Societies. Penguin Books, 2008/2009 Penguin Global, 2009. (Excerpts)

Analyzing the Public Outrage at the Delhi Bus Rape inspired Fashion Shoot . The 50 Million Missing Campaign Blog. August 11, 2014.

I Don’t Want “Ladies First” But What’s With These Men? The 50 Million Missing Campaign Blog. July 23, 2014

Will Sikkim Become the Organic Lifestyle Model for India and the World? Revolutions in my Space, July 04, 2014

Menstrual Leave May Make More Trouble for Workplace Gender Equity.  Revolutions in My Space. June 9, 2014

Is this the Angle to the Clinton Lewinsky Saga that Feminists Turned a Blind Eye to? Revolutions in My Space. May 21, 2014.

Herabai Tata: The Power Behind Indian Women’s Voting Rights. The 50 Million Missing Blog, May 5, 2014

Was Sonia Gandhi India’s Accidental “Dictator?” Youth ki Awaaz, May 02, 2014.

India’s Gang Rapes and Male Territoriality. Hysteria, #2:  Roles and Rules, April 26, 214

The Status of Beauty: How Far Have We Come?  Masalamommas, March 05, 2014.

Video Response to 10 Questions on Female Gendercide in India The 50 Million Missing Blog, March 02, 2014

Bollywood Baffled Over Sex, Rape and Prostitution. Gender Forum, Issue No. 46, 2013

Bride and Prejudice: Why the Virginity of their Brides is still a Touchy Issue for Indian Men. India Today, Dec 06, 2013

Why 377 Violates the Bodily and Sexual Integrity of Straight People Too! Youth ki Awaaz, Dec 24, 2013

Dear Hrithik Roshan, Regarding Your Weepy Divorce Letter Youth ki Awaaz, Dec 18, 2013.

When an Organization that Fights Rape, Also Perpetuates it: The Tehelka Saga. The 50 Million Missing Blog, Dec 02, 2012

10 Things India’s Youth Need to Know About Sex. Youth ki Awaaz, Nov 12, 2013

5 Important Advice for Women Being Blackmailed for Dowry. The 50 Million Missing Blog. Nov 07, 2013

Because Your Husband is Your Supreme God! The 50 Million Missing Blog. Oct 22, 2013

Gandhi Used his Position to Sexually Exploit Young Women Youth ki Awaaz, Oct 15, 2013

Why India’s Abused Godesses’ Ads Have it All Wrong. Huffington Post, Canada, Oct 10, 2013

Letter from Narendra Bhai to Sonia Behn: “You are my role model, please tell me your secret!” Oct 08, 2013.

Census Reveals 17 Million Girls Killed in India in age group 1-15 years. The 50 Million Missing Blog. Oct 02, 2013

5 Lessons on Life and Living I Learnt from My Teachers Youth ki Awaaz, Oct 01, 2013

What Those Battered Goddesses Won’t Say: The Campaign against Domestic Violence Masalamommas, Sept 17, 2013

Why is India Ignoring the Fact that That is Actual Racism Here that Goes Beyond 50 Shades of Brown Skin? Youth ki Awaaz, Sept 24, 2013

Claiming My Space as a Woman in India. The 50 Million Missing Campaign Blog. Sept 19, 2013.

What Prison Sentence Would You Choose for Yourself: Death or Life-long Imprisonment? Youth Ki Awaaz, Sept 17, 2013.

Gandhi to Asaram: Who Empowers the Sex Crimes of Gurus? The 50 Million Missing Campaign Blog. Sept 15, 2013.

Indian Whispers on Rape, Racism and Corporate Funding. The 50 Million Missing Campaign Blog. July 24, 2013

Women As Domestic Appliances and Internalized Misogyny. The 50 Million Missing Campaign Blog. July 08, 2013

The Mamma Mias of Indian Cinema. Masalamomma, July o2, 2013.

“Amu” : India’s Wake-up Call to the 1984 Rapes and Killings of Sikhs. Zero-Hour News, May 13, 2013

The Importance of Women Misbehaving. The Huffington Post, Canada, March 08, 2013

Why ‘It’s a Girl!’ is a Different Kind of Film. It’s a Girl! Documentary Blog. Nov 12, 2012

What if I was Maria? It’s a Girl! Documentary Blog.  Sept 25, 2012

Why Didn’t Professor Bose Attend the Wedding?  Women’s Web, August 07, 2012.

Why I am a Feminist. Guest post on Author Taslima Nasreen’s Blog ‘No Country for Women,’ August 03, 2012.

Being a Woman and Mother Between Two Cultures. Talking with Indo-Canadian Artist Soraya Nulliah.  Masalamommas, August 01, 2012

The Dirty Olympics of Slumdogs and Millionaires. Open Salon, July 28, 2012

The Politics of Rape, Sexuality, and Government Meddling. Open Salon, July 18, 2012.

Why Kali Won’t Rage: A Critique of Indian Feminism. Gender Forum: An Internet Journal for Gender Studies, Issue 38, 2012.

Why the Annihilation of Women Doesn’t Anger the World. The Lyon Review. May 26, 2012

Indian Child Custody Case and Cultural Clashes in Norway Womens News Network. April 24, 2012

Mothers and Daughters: Secret Betrayals. Masalamommas. May 13, 2012

Why We Slept Through This Genocide – Part I.  It’s a Girl! Movie Blog.  March 08, 2012

Why We Slept Through This Genocide – Part II. It’s A Girl! Movie Blog. March 14, 2012

Ladies! Take This Dinner Date Challenge! . Masalamommas: An Online Magazine For SouthAsian Moms. Feb 26, 2012

Facebook Game ‘Angry Brides’ Trivializes Grave Human Rights Violations. The Women’s International Perspective.  Feb 22, 2012

Girl Infants Face ‘Pre-Meditated’  Murder In India. The Women’s News Network. Feb 07, 2012

Slutwalk To Femicide: Making The Connection. The Women’s International Perspective. Sept 02, 2011

Boycotting The Durga Puja. Pickled Politics. October 03, 2011.

Indian Girls “Missing” Worldwide. Pickled Politics. May 19, 2011.

Happy Mother’s Day Elton John! Pickled Politics.  May 08, 2011.

The Pink Panties Campaign and The Indian Women’s Sexual Revolution. Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific . Issue 23, January 2010

What Will The Death of Communism in Bengal Bring? Pickled Politics, April 27, 2011.

Being A Woman In Two Cultures: Reverse Culture Shock! Mount Holyoke Quarterly, Summer 2011

Why Education and Economics are not The Solution To India’s Female Gendercide Gender Bytes Blog, June 12, 2011

How Gandhian Are Obama’s Politics? Pickled Politics, November 27, 2010.

The Indian Girl in the movie ‘Eat Pray Love.‘ Pickled Politics. November 11, 2010.

Out of the Box (How urban India deals with pornography). India Today, November 26, 2009.

Female Genocide in India and the 50 Million Missing Campaign. Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific Issue 22, October 2009.

When Is A Genital ‘Nick’ O.K.? WordWorth Magazine, June 2010

The Role of Media in the War between Environment and Development. The Global Media Journal, October, 2009.

The Schizophrenia of Moral Systems. Word Worth: World magazine of ideas and arts, September 2006, Vol 6, No.10.

The Boxed Identity. Word Worth: World magazine of ideas and arts, October 2008, Vol 8, No.10.

From Sex to the Supreme Bliss. The London Magazine: A Review of Literature and the Arts, April/May 2003 pp.56-63

Grandmother’s memories. WordWorth Magazine, October 2oo8, Vol.8, No.10

Memory of an Assassination. The Times of India, November 11, 2009.

My Life Without T.V. Word Worth: World magazine of ideas and arts, September 2008, Vol 8, No.9.

View Finder. The Word Worth Magazine Vol 2, No.6, June 2002. (under the pen name – Ilina Sen)

Twenty Eggs. The Word Worth Magazine Vol 2, No.6, June 2002. (under the pen name – Ilina Sen)

Pink Turban. New Orleans Review, Vol 31, No.1, 2001 pp41-56.

The Last Monkey Dance. The Word Worth Magazine Vol 2, No.6, June 2002. (under the pen name – Ilina Sen).

As I am a Woman. Women’s Era, January 2005.

Without Headstones. Word Salad, Spring/summer 2002, Vol 8, No. 3.

Undressing. Obsessed With Pipework: highwire poetry, Issue 16, Autumn 2001. (under the pen name  -Ilina Sen)

The Call of Home. The Asian Age, August 01, 2004.

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